Saturday, February 20, 2010


Delightful summer flowers! I cannot wait for summer to come again!
(Taken in July when this flower bush is in FULL Blossom )

A Winter Song

A little jam' session with a friend in the dead of winter.

Winter Is Here

Winter came too fast, and landed on red berries. Taken in January outside of a window watching the snow fall!Save Now

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sailing Through Life

Don't you wish we could all sail through life on a beautiful boat.
(Downtown this summer I snapped this photo of a sweet sailboat)

Sweet but Sour

A colorful treat, for some special drinks.
(These bundle of limes were cut up and placed in this bowl for a work party at the Kline residence)

Racing Stripes

The zoo is where my heart is.
(Taken in Toronto when I had an up close look at the wildlife on an over night Safari)

A Summer Day

A great day, spent near a beach.. what a surprise.
(Taken in Maine, at a local beach with boutiques up and down this street.)